credit repair

Now that’s what you call a silly title for a credit tip! What can actually be removed from a credit report is the same question as, “is everyone entitled to a fair trial in court?” Just because a person may look like one scary dude doesn’t mean we automatically throw them on death row. If that was the case there wouldn’t be much NFL to watch. Therefore, just because you may have an ugly looking bankruptcy, a painful Federal tax lien, an in-your-face foreclosure, etc. infiltrating your credit report, don’t give up hope! Those items have to follow the same rules and guidelines as every other derogatory item, small or large.

So what can be removed from a credit report? Everything can be removed from a credit report if and when they are found to be violating that beautiful and just “Fair Credit Reporting Act.” This law enacted in 1970 entitles your items to have a fair trial; just like our legal system, if not with even more rights. A very rough translation of this Act is that the items reporting cannot be inaccurate in any way, must be verifiable up to the consumer’s wishes, and not outdated or incomplete. You have seen all those movies where the police just walk all over the crime scene and evidence leading to everything just getting thrown out of court, well, you can use that as a metaphor on how the bureaus and creditors treat your credit report.