credit repair

Do you remember hearing the stories of your grandfather going into the bank to receive a loan and after a firm man chat where the terms were agreed upon by a “stronger than oak” handshake? That’s about as believable as unicorns these days. Let me tell you how far we have “evolved” for better or worse since then; and this is not just a great demonstration because I work in the credit restoration universe, but it’s certainly convenient. The latest victim to come under the scrutiny of the credit score may well be customer service industry. According to DSL Reports, Cable One fully admitted that they provide worse customer service to people with lower scores. CEO Thomas Might said at a recent JP Morgan Global Technology conference that the cable company’s support staff isn’t going to spend 15 minutes setting up an iPhone app for a customer who has a low FICO score.

Legal or not, like it or not, Cable One who services almost a million people, makes it known that a variety of companies are getting more skilled at using a range of data that is collected to identify credit-troubled customers in efforts to spend less time and resources aiding them, that is if they even accept them in the first place.

Talk about kicking you when you’re down. Not only does one prevent themselves from attaining a house, car, job, credit card or many other things with struggling scores, or at the very least has to suffer through high enough interest rates to bankrupt Greece all over again; but now you get treated like the local leper when calling for some help because your cable went down during the 982nd season of The Bachelorette… when on earth is that show going to end… yes I can see it’s the last rose tonight…I can count to ONE you know.

I tell you, complaining about it like I’m currently doing isn’t going to help regardless of how good it feels. You must allow us to help so you don’t end up on the wrong side of the battle. Please call anytime at (888) 795-9088 and allow us to lend a hand.