Home Loans Assist is is proud to align our teams and deep credit knowledge with Real Broker Connection. Our strategic partnership presents your clients with additional value and opportunity. Credit is a complex beast and the information age has exacerbated the spread of misinformation within the general public. Often, consumers are ill-equipped to maximize their FICO scores, rectify reporting errors, or simply deploy a strategic approach to their financial decisions. The team of consultants at Home Loans Assist will educate, guide, and empower your clients to grow their FICO scores to a lendable state. Your comprehensive reporting allows for you to focus on growing your book of business, while we nurture your future opportunities. Submit your client’s information below to connect them with our team for a free credit consultation.

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Submitting a client for a free credit consultation is simple. Complete the form and one of our specialists will connect with your client to complete and analysis and strategic planning session. If your client enrolls into our credit restoration program, a member of our team will notify you with an update and our expectations regarding the timeline for completion.

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