credit repair

The problems for the bureaus continue as one of them is now being sued for mixing credit files with people who share the same name. This is nothing new to us. We have been dealing with this issue since the company’s inception, well over a decade ago. I remember going on credit presentation tours and telling people, for all that is holy, don’t give your kids your same name. I’m sure your name is sweet and all, but let’s save the same names for the Kings and Queens. They definitely can’t come up with anything original, and they aren’t going to need to use their credit profiles as much as you. Sorry King Louis XXXVIII, no auto-loan for you.

If bureaus and others are going to utilize partial identities to generate data, the information is going to frequently end up pertaining to more than one individual. This happens specifically when they assemble credit reports for their subscribers (like mortgage professionals). However, they do make sure to save the best procedures for themselves. So, when you order a report directly from the source, they require a much more complete match of all personal identifiers so there is a much smaller margin of error. Pretty crooked, if you ask me! When you have these practices long enough, someone is bound to bring in the lawyers. It’s this writer’s opinion, and personal experience, that not much will change. Especially as this has been the widespread practice since the 1990s.

If you’re tired of having someone else’s information on your credit report, tired of spending a fortune due to your scores, or just have people that need assistance, please call 1-888-795-9088.

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