credit repair

The question, in and of itself, is bad news. Notice how the question is phrased: “how many times” and not “what are the chances!” According to the New York Times HALF of all American adults have had their personal information exposed to hackers in the last YEAR alone. Whether it’s the 21.5 million that were hacked at the Federal Office of Personnel Management or the 32-million-person hack of the infamous affair website (I can see it now, sign up for an affair and get your free maxed-out credit card on your credit report…Blast! Must have missed the fine print). The list of hacks in these mega entities seems endless.

Every few minutes our staff is receiving some sort of complaint from a client saying “I don’t recognize this account.” Well, there is generally a pretty good reason for that: it’s probably NOT yours! Today’s credit tip is this: just don’t simply stand by and watch bad things happen to your credit report or someone else’s. Trying to work with the creditors and bureaus yourself just to save a few bucks is false economy. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall; you get nowhere and it generally gives you a headache. When there is anything questionable, non-verifiable, unrecognizable or simply erroneous we will pounce with a series of complex investigations asking for every detail under the sun.

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