credit repair

Recently my company had to provide legitimate data on our success rates. We we’re beyond impressed with the data and would like to share.

After sampling our first 30 clients alphabetically the average starting score is a 580. After 8.3 months the average score is a 641, giving us 27.9 total points per month. This includes the new negative activity being added which is common on most files. If there were no new negatives the estimated score increase is three times higher! After 8.3 months the average client had 21.7 deletions averaging 4.1 per month. This equated to a total deletion rate of 63% or better 13% of their major erroneous items removed per month. Deletion Rate in the first three months is 7.33. Obviously as time goes on there is less erroneous information to remove.

The first 30 current clients that are enrolled:


Months EnrolledEQ
Total PointsPoints per Month(Non Inquiry)
Deletions per MonthOriginal Total
Deletion %
Deletion Rate
Per Month
Client 1615608635671470866823238.7345.790%15%
Client 2559564601361664464818461.3134.323%8%
Client 3584625616471171766126466.061.538%10%
Client 4570545555461563461719649.0133.329%7%
Client 5532554516459265763628370.8205.053%13%
Client 65745395935528604606326.491.835%7%
Client 75605675251362661260318914.5251.983%6%
Client 8492551490856461555420025.0718.967%8%
Client 961364661816166316421212.01111.058%58%
Client 1063265866316536956231818.01414.040%40%
Client 11500549500559564463032064.071.458%12%
Client 12558500566959261657015417.170.850%6%
Client 1366062057346456526357919.8348.577%19%
Client 146156056011065668868620920.9252.543%4%
Client 1566366964056387246998917.8244.892%18%
Client 16598666667368568768012140.362.060%20%
Client 175005005001162160058931028.2302.786%8%
Client 18565570589961665263918320.3313.435%4%
Client 196175946361068469568421621.6272.790%9%
Client 20625702677665737373612020.0162.789%15%
Client 21573572604216066536511617.7291.474%4%
Client 225625815903594562541-36-12.0155.058%19%
Client 235305095282070068376357929.0643.291%5%
Client 24509529526356157757314749.0186.055%18%
Client 25549574612196746445921789.4201.187%5%
Client 2655855755825795496298442.0189.039%20%
Client 27558577526461461362318947.3123.071%18%
Client 28598647650460664864430.8102.559%15%
Client 295215415554075375074863415.9230.6100%3%
Client 306085855921166963764416515.0181.650%5%