credit repair

If you put your mind to it you can do anything. For example, I can fix the engine in my car all day long; the problem I run into is the inevitability of breaking down alongside the highway on the way to work. Credit restoration is another most certainly not a do-it-yourself project for the home handyman. The credit bureaus try their hardest to make you believe otherwise, BEWARE! Disputing credit report errors using the often-recommended method of going online to the credit bureaus’ websites to file disputes could sabotage any efforts to improve your loan capabilities and personal financial situation. Playing on the credit bureau’s game board with their rules is like playing against a home town referee, you’re not going to win. Certain restrictions of the Electronic Online System for Correct and Accurate Reporting (E-OSCAR), created by the big three credit reporting agencies, make this likely. One good example is, if your credit report has been accidentally merged with another credit report, the e-Oscar won’t and can’t catch the mistake. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!

With e-Oscar, the credit bureaus almost never send a creditor the original information that a consumer provides to e-Oscar. Instead, they send a very limited summary of the problem using some lowly clerk in some foreign country that reviews the dispute, along with thousands of others, and enters them with a predetermined code. This system is garbage and more likely than not just stirs up a hornet’s nest with the creditors.

The credit bureaus hate credit repair companies, especially great ones, and you have to figure it’s for good reason. We are designed to bring the fight to them not just to play how they want, so whatever you need assistance on please call 1-(888) 795-9088 and there are $100 referral discounts available.